Phantom Hawk

13606572_996644047098354_2889675575840745143_nPhantom Hawk

Real Name: Nicholas Maxamillion Malone aka Max Malone

Occupation: Former SF Soldier. Current resistance fighter

Location: Various/ Crest View City

Height: 6’3” Weight: 220 lbs

Background: Max Malone was raised by a single mother. She had a long bout with cancer that eventually claimed her life. Max was taken in by his uncle, SFC Michael Finch, who is a serving in JSOC. Young max looked up to his uncle for strength and as a father figure since Max never knew his father. When he was old enough Max enlisted in the army and served 4 years in the Ranger Regiment. Soon after his tour with the rangers Max was selected and eventually qualified for Special Forces. After numerous tours in SF as a communications sergeant he was recruited by the Special Activities Division (SAD) of the CIA. While on a mission in an undisclosed Arab country, Max was critically wounded by an IED that claimed the lives of his team. Discharged and out of the fight he was approached by 2 members of SAD offering him an opportunity to serve his country and return to the fight, the phantom warrior project.

The Phantom warrior project was a program designed to enhance service member capabilities in combat by enhancing natural gifts and accelerating potential while also bringing the subject to the peak of human perfection. There were 3 test groups: 1 group using nanorobotics (nanites), the 2nd using gene manipulation, and the 3rd that used DNA re-sequencing.  Max was in the 1st group that used nanites. The entire project was overseen by Phantom Six, a man that the subjects never saw but heard stories about.  Dr. Nichole Goode was the lead scientist for the nanite test group.

While running diagnostics on the facility network servers Max noticed strange code sequences appearing and disappearing over the network. Random security systems would shut down and instantly turn on. Max informed his superiors of the potential security breach and was told not to worry and the code was part of a simulation to test potential threats to the system.  Then one night Max noticed that all the code sequences had appeared at once causing a catastrophic shut down of the security protocols. As Max was leaving his terminal to warn security, he felt a sharp pinch on his neck causing him to pass out. As he woke he rushed to the door after hearing gunfire in the facility. The door to his office burst open with flames behind it, sending Max across the room. He awoke in an open field outside of Crestview city with a gear bag containing an enhancement suit, active camouflage fabric, enhancement goggles and a note that read “Baseline”. Rushing to a local police station to inform them of a terrorist attack on his facility the police tried to arrest Max, wanted to conspiracy, murder, theft of government property and treason. Max escaped custody and went dark, off the grid as he gathered materials and equipment to gather the information needed to clear his name. He now prowls the streets and rooftops of Crestview city looking for those that set him up and to bring them to justice. He funds his operation by stealing from the local criminals. He has no safe ground to go to. He’s wanted by the police, the mob and the government.

His body is being attacked by the nanites that are in his body. The nanites had a failsafe installed in their software to prevent any agent in the program from going rogue. After 6 months inside the body the nanites will begin attacking the central nervous system, killing the user. Max is on the clock to clear his name before time runs out.

Phantom Hawk created by Nick Garber