%Dragonfly PUReal Name:  Dominic Odonatta

Occupation:  Electrician, Aspiring Inventor.

Base of Operations:  Baltimore, MD

Height:  5’11”      Weight:  190lbs.

Eyes:  Blue           Hair:  Sandy Blonde


Always a bright boy, Dominic became obsessed with the workings and studies of Leonardo da Vinci. He aspired to become a great inventor but his family’s social economic status couldn’t afford him the necessary tools to make it happen. He ended up attending a tech school and began working as an electrician to make ends meet. Dominic’s mother, Alicia left them when he was young due to Ric’s gambling addiction keeping them in the poor house. She took his younger sister, Ariana with her. Dominic has tried to track them down but as of yet, no luck.

After Alicia left them, Enrique’s alcohol use increased and only compounded their financial situations. Dominic was left to use all his earnings to pay all their monthly bills and household needs. On several occasions Dominic would have to arrange to cover his father’s gambling debts with well-known mafia boss, Atano Sudario. Mostly these transactions would take place at Seldano’s Cellar, Sudario’s favorite hangout where he conducts most of his business and eats a lot of meals. Sudario is also the financial backer of Seldano’s Cellar and uses it to funnel all his illegal money thru. After having become so far in with Atano that he couldn’t possibly pay back his debts, Enrique decided to tell a convincing lie to Dominic that he wanted to be a better father and quit gambling. In order to do that, they would have to leave Baltimore & move to a different city.

After moving to Cincinnati, things seem to be going well for the father and son until it becomes apparent Ric is still drinking heavily. One day while on a service call for his new electrical job, Dom is approached and accosted by some of Atano’s thugs. They beat him so severely he is hospitalized. While in the hospital, the same men finally track down Enrique and kill him. Dominic is still in the hospital when he gets the news about his father’s death. He becomes so distraught he partially blames himself.

At his father’s funeral, Dominic is approached by none other than THE Atano Sudario. He explains to Dominic that his father had to be taught a lesson for not paying him back and trying to run away from his debts. It is at that very moment Dominic vows to himself to take down Atano and his whole organization.

Abilities and Weaponry

The Dragonfly war suit is made from new magnesium alloy making it lightweight and indestructible.  The suit is capable of flight up to Mach 2.  The armor has retractable blades in the arms and legs for any up close and personal fighting.

The true genius behind this suit lies within the head piece.  The goggles allow Dominic to see in several different light spectre making it possible to see someone’s body heat, motion detections thru walls and obstacles, and to be able to find the trajectory of where a sniper’s bullet may have come from to name a few. It can also bend light rays around the suit making it invisible.

Perhaps Dragonfly’s greatest weapon is his mind.  If he cannot defeat a threat with his Dragonfly suit and accessories the odds say that he will be able to defeat them with his mind.

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