99c9a6f3465c9947e2fb13369de05c23_originalReal Name:  Benito “Benny” Vasquez

Occupation:  SDPD Sketch Artist

Base of Operations:  San Diego, CA

Height:  6’1”      Weight:  190lbs.


Benny Vasquez is a down to earth guy that lives in San Diego, CA working for the SDPD as a sketch artist. After the death of his mother Benny was raised by his Aunt Veronica because his father disowned him, claiming Benny wasn’t his biological son. Raymond, Benny’s father, had run off with the life insurance payment from his wife’s death and started a company and eventually a new family. Years later Raymond dies and Jessie gets a call telling him that his father is dead and that he was to inherit his father’s multi billion-dollar company.

Enter Jesus “Jesse” Vasquez, Benny’s half brother. He wants the company for himself and is one of two people that know Benny is the eldest son and heir to the company. To suppress this information, Jesus orders a hit on Benny. However, Benny didn’t die. Though he was dying, Benny crawls, looking for help, but quickly succumbs to his wounds. Jesse hears a faint voice in the darkness…

The Void, the voice leads him to an abandoned temple where Benny encounters the Mask of Bengali, the Voids herald and emissary on earth. A bargain was made; Benny would serve as Bengali if his life were restored. As the mask took hold of Benny he could feel the darkness and evil contained inside it. Benny looked into the abyss and the abyss looked back.

The Mask of Bengali had never chosen a pure soul before to serve as its host; the strong emotions of love and kindness coming from Benny’s memories of his mother were overwhelming for the Emissary of The Void. The Bengali had turned against his master and bonded with Benny Vasquez. Now as Bengali, Benny takes the power meant for destruction and conquest to the streets of San Diego to take down his brother and those that want to bring pain to the innocent.