Apogee Team

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Nick Garber – President, CFO and Artist

24172505_10212721973058559_1827324632_nGraduate of CSU Fresno with a Bachelors in Graphic Art and Design. With over 10 comics to his name Nick strives to increase his craft. Creator of Phantom Hawk, Solarin Prime, Corvid & Sparrow, The Last Pendragon, and many many more. Nick is currently the President and Chief Financial Officer for Apogee Comics, L.L.C.

While Nick has created many of the characters in the Apogee Comics Universe, he also does a lot of the promotional art work and created the Apogee Comics logo.

If you’d like to know more about Phantom Hawk click here.

Dave Norton – Vice President and Write


Dave Norton, one of the newest voices on the Indie comic scene, is somewhat of a hack writer from the meth cookin’ streets of Festus, Missouri.  His early work for the now defunct Dayoldstubble: The Magazine, can be found in most animal shelters being used as a form of “bathroom mess preventiveness”.  After an uneventful meeting with executives from one of the “BIG TWO” he, along with mega-talented artist extraordinaire Jay Sloan created the bleak and unsavory world of Transgenesis and all its’ inhabitants.

Ray Marek III – Editor in Chief and Lead Writer


Ray is the President of The Horror Syndicate and Rage of Rayzor.  Ray has been writing comics for over 10 years.  The road has been tough, but it has lead him to Apogee Comics.

Currently, Ray is the Editor in Chief and writing the Cardinal and the One-Shot, War Drums.  Ray has multiple titles in the works and is the keeper of the continuity of Apogee Comics and its titles.

Look for more about the Cardinal here.

Jay Sloan – Art Director and Artist

12360426_1666571286963537_8929506342572788354_nJay Sloan is Co-Creator of Transgenesis and Received his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from Lindenwood University. Currently working as Art Director, illustrator & graphic artist for Apogee Comics.

Jay worked on the pencil work in Transgenesis #1 and has co-created and designed many of the characters within the world of Transgenesis.

Jay created many characters like DragonFly, if you’d like to know more click here.

Rene Garza – Writer

24130022_1687189361345591_7850053552028294624_nRene Garza is the writer of Bengali issues 1-3 and now he is working on a new title from the pages of Transgenesis, DragonFly.

Rene is a work horse for Apogee, he is also working on our upcoming weekly web comic, Corvid and Sparrow.

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Brian Lawrence – Artist

23915515_10213562977444697_1709117465077591388_nBrian Lawrence will be tackling art on Phantom Hawk.

Rich Perotta – Artist

18119183_368808130187219_1960277220400171269_nRich Perotta has worked for some of the biggest comic publishers out there.  He brings his expertise to Apogee Comics.

Rich is currently working on Bengali issues 1-3 and possible more.

If you’d like to know more about Bengali, click here.

Veronique Medrano – Chief of Marketing and Public Relations